Release 2.18

Welcome to Release 2.18! In this version we’re bringing you updates to Copy and Carryover features, Tracking Folder enhancements, and a number of UI updates.


  • Sample App Grids: Added new Diff Vendor and Diff Customer columns for Sample App grids that will calculate the Vendor and Customer difference.

  • Copy and Carryover Updates: Copy and Carryover features in the style folder have been updated with more flexible options and a cleaner look. Users can now select exactly which pages to copy or carryover and also see more information about the artboards that can be copied or carried over.

  • Tracking Folder: Added ability to move a style from one tracking folder to another, preserving all tracking data so that it does not need to be re-entered.



  • Updated look and feel for file and image upload panels.

  • Various UI tweaks for a more consistent experience in BeProduct with less visual noise.

  • Tracking timeline dates now also reflects dates for rejected status.

  • For our BeProduct Admin friends, we've improved TAB key functionality when entering data into dropdown lists in Admin Folder to allow you to key in your data more efficiently.

  • New look for New Account Signup and Forgot Password features.



  • Corrected an issue where not all records would export from tracking search screen if user was on 2nd page or further of results.

  • Fixed issue that would sometimes allow a user to create a Style or Material without filling in required fields.

  • Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause a portion of the UI to not load properly after using the Copy From feature on the measurements page in styles.

  • Fixed issue preventing user from sorting Date field columns on tracking grid.

  • Corrected an issue that would sometimes make the right-side panel undock.