Release 2.20

We’ve got some great new features for you this month! Saved Filters, Notification Subscriptions, a simplified installation process and UX improvements for BeProduct Sync, Where Used feature for Blocks and more!


  • Saved Filters: Added the ability to save search criteria so that you can easily run the same search again in the future without having to re-enter your search parameters. Check out our guide for using Saved Filters here.

  • Group By on Search Grids: Search results can now be grouped based on attributes using the Group By field on master folder search screens.

  • Notification Subscriptions: You can now create subscriptions for notifications in BeProduct! Using controls from our Saved Filter enhancement to narrow down on exactly what records you want to be notified of changes on. Click here for more info on setting up Notification Subscriptions.

  • Watchlists: Easily add yourself or others to the Watchlist of a page in a BeProduct record to stay up to date on any changes being made. Here’s a quick guide on subscribing to Watchlists.

  • BeProduct Sync Notifications: Receive status alerts from BeProduct Sync that let you know when a file is being processed and when it’s finished processing. If you’re a current BeProduct Sync user, be sure to update to the latest version to take advantage of this new feature! You can download it by visiting the installation instructions for Mac and Windows.

  • Where Used in Blocks Folder: New Where Used App to Blocks folder so that you can easily see which styles are using a given Block and also Mass Add/Remove the block.

  • Localization: Users can now select their localization setting on their user profile page, allowing them to control how date formats appear to them throughout BeProduct.

  • Adobe Illustrator Plugin: New plugin for Adobe Illustrator that integrates with BeProduct Sync, allowing you to easily push changes from Illustrator back to BeProduct. Click here for instructions on installing the plugin.



  • Advanced Search is now available by clicking on magnifying glass icon in the Quick Search field on all master folder search screens.

  • GhostScript no longer required to be installed for BeProduct Sync, simplifying installation process.

For more information on any of the features and changes for release 2.20, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be happy to help you!