Release 2.14

The primary focus of this release was to introduce the Copy To functionality across all apps, allowing users to mass copy data across multiple items. Additional enhancements include Group Tasks & Comments and the ability to copy/carryover item into tracking by colorway.



  • Copy To: With this release, users are able to mass copy app data using the new Copy To functionality. This is available on all copyable apps with the options to add to or replace all content when copying, depending on the type of app.

  • Group Tasks & Comments: Users can now enter app level Tasks and Comments directly from the master folder along with the ability to enter these across multiple items in mass.

  • Add Copy & Carry Over items to Tracking by Colorway: When creating a copy or carryover of a material or style in tracking, the user is able to have the newly created style added to tracking already broken down by colorway.



  • The existing Copy button apps has been renamed to be called Copy From.

  • When creating a new style from Tracking, user is no longer required to click the Replace Artboard button when uploading main image.