Release 2.10

The primary focus of this release was to provide the ability to group Tag contents by folder and to be able to search digital assets by Tags. Additional enhancements were also made around the pitching of colorways in BOM apps and to improve upon the experience of updating Grade Rules in Measurement apps, to name a few.



  • Tag Grouping by Folder: With this release, when a user opens a Tag in the system, all items added to this Tag are grouped on screen by folder.

  • Searching by Tag: Users can now search digital assets by the Tags that these assets are associated to.

  • Retain Color Palette Selection when Pitching Colorways: When pitching colorways in BOM apps, if a user were to select a color palette, the system will retain that color palette selection for colorway pitching, while the user continues to work on that BOM page.

  • N/A Option for Colorway Pitching: When pitching colorways in BOM apps, if a material is not used for a particular colorway or a color pitch is not a valid selection, the user can now denote this using an N/A option.

  • Graded Spec Values on Measurement App Grade Rules Tab: Users are now able to see the Graded Spec values on the Grade Rules tab of Measurement apps. These values also update to show how changes made to the Grade Rules affect the Graded Spec.

  • Printouts for Browzwear Style Apps: With this release, the Browzwear style apps now include printouts that can be generated individually for each page or included as pages within a tech pack.



  • Users with read only access to any app now see the content of the app in a regular color scheme without the content being greyed out.

  • The drag and drop sorting of image on Artboard apps has been updated to include the drag and drop handle and work the same as it does with the List apps.



  • Fixed bug with batch editing of dropdown fields.

  • Fixed bug with Ad-Hoc materials in BOM apps.

  • Fixed bug with support for Ad-Hoc materials on BOM app printouts.

  • Fixed bug with the printing of images in tech packs.

  • Fixed bug with the refresh tech pack option.

  • Fixed bug with the formatting of formula fields on reports.