Release 2.6

The primary focus of this release was around permission in order to give external user’s read only access to tracking, as well as introduce permissions to request apps in the system. Additional enhancements include the introduction of an Attachments App Template, Google Drive support, and the ability to copy Tracking Timeline Templates from one folder to another.



  • Tracking View for External Users: With this release, admins of the system are now able to grant external users read only access to Tracking. This access includes visibility to request level apps that are shared with the external user.

  • Attachments App Template: With this release, an admin can create attachment apps, that would allow a user to upload, store and download files of any format from these apps.

  • Google Drive Support: With this release, users can now upload files into the system directly from Google Drive.

  • Request App Level Permissions: An admin of the system is now able to control a user’s access to request apps by defining permissions by user role at the Request App level.

  • Copy Tracking Timeline Templates in Admin: With this release, admins can now copy defined Tracking Timeline Templates from one tracking folder to another in the Admin area of the system.



  • When sharing pages with external users, the Share panel has been updated to lists all the active companies in the Directory folder and no long lists the individual contacts within each company.

  • In the Sample Request and Size Run Sample apps, the out of tolerance highlights have been changed to allow a user to easily distinguish between out of tolerance sample measurements that are below requested sample size from those that are above requests sample size.

  • App Level permissions have been modified to allow admins to manage these permissions by role instead of by each individual user.

  • On the Select Color Panel, when choosing a color palette to view, users are now able to search for a color palette by typing the name on a search field within the palette dropdown.



  • Fixed bug with copying of materials.

  • Fixed bug with deleting external contacts in directory.

  • Fixed bug with Drobox integration.

  • Fixed bug with share URL in email notifications.

  • Fixed bug with BOM not saving when certain materials are added.