Release 2.4

The primary focus of this release was to provide the ability to mass edit header attributes and to improve upon the Measurement, Sample Request, Size Run Sample and Bill Of Material apps. Additional enhancements include the filtering of data in tracking based on role level permissions and providing a go to link directly on the tracking grid.



  • Mass Edit Header Attributes: With this release, users are now able to mass edit header attribute values directly on the List View grid, from within each Master Folder.

  • Vizoo xTexTM File Support: With this release, users now have the ability to create materials by uploading a Vizoo xTex file. This support is also accompanied by a Vizoo material app that visually represents the texture images and shading attributes.

  • Measurement Value Entry Using the Enter Key: Users working on the Measurement app or any of the Sample Request apps and Size Run Sample apps can now press the enter key on their keyboards to go down a measurement column with focus already set on the cell for data entry.

  • 2 Image Per Page Sample Request Print Layout: Users can now select a 2 Image Per Page print layout when printing out Sample Request apps, either from the sample request page or as part of a tech pack.

  • Duplicate Material in Bill Of Material Apps: With this release, users now have the ability to duplicate existing materials in a Bill of Material app by simply selecting the materials and clicking a Duplicate Material button found on the Action Panel.

  • Add Hoc Materials in Bill Of Material Apps: Users now have the ability to create add hoc materials in a Bill of Material app. These materials would only exists in a given style BOM and would not be added to the Material Library.

  • Copy Add Materials in Bill Of Material Apps: In addition to being able to replace all materials in a BOM by copying from another style, users can now copy and add to the materials that are already in a BOM.

  • Filtering Visible Data on the Tracking Grid by Role Level Permissions: When in tracking, users would only see the list of styles and materials in the folders that they have access to, based on their Role Level permissions.

  • Go To Link on the Tracking Grid: With this release, users would see an additional column on the Tracking grid with a Go To icon, allowing the user to click and open the style or material, in a new browser tab, directly from the tracking grid.



  • The Tol- column in the Measurement, Sample Request and Size Run Sample apps now has a – sign that appears in front of the value. This has been added to visually identify the Tol- from the Tol+ values, but tolerances do not have to be entered as a negative value.

  • The out of tolerance logic for the Sample Request and Size Run Sample apps has been updated to compare measurements smaller than sample size using the Tol- value and measurements greater than sample size using the Tol+ value.



  • Fixed bug with All Submit Sample Request app print layout.

  • Fixed bug with auto changing of statuses in Tracking.

  • Fixed bug with Colorways print layout.