Release 1.22

The primary focus of this release was to introduce Image support in Line Sheets as well as a Partner dropdown data control. Additional enhancements include multi-page support for AI Artboard page tags, a request column in sample printouts as well as incremental changes to improve existing functionality.



  • Image Line Sheets: With this release, users are able to create Line Sheets using images that have been uploaded to the image library.

  • Partner Dropdown Data Control: With this release, an admin can now create a dropdown field with a list of partners that are managed dynamically from the Directory folder.

  • Multiple Page Support on Artboard Page Tags: Users are now able to tag an Illustrator Artboard to be auto assigned to more than one app.

  • Request Column on Sample Print Preview: The Sample app print preview now includes a Request column that shows the measurement values that were originally requested for the current submit.



  • The ability to Share pages is now driven solely by the user role and does not require full access to the page.

  • Clicking on a date in Tracking will now open the app directly if one is attached to the action.

  • The export to Excel feature in Reports now supports values from multi-select dropdowns.

  • The maximum number of size columns that appear per page on the Grade Rules and Graded Spec printouts have been reduced to 10 size columns per page.

  • Items that are added to a Line Sheet now get added to the beginning of the list.

  • A username column has been added to the Contacts grid of a company in the Directory folder.

  • If a new version of an Artboard Image that does not have any page tags is uploaded, the first artboard will be used to populate the main or front image of the material or style respectively.



  • Fixed bug with email notifications for tasks created in the Tasks folder.

  • Fixed bug with total calculations of materials in costing scenarios.

  • Fixed bug with Created By and Modified By search filters.

  • Fixed bugs with Measurement app printout.

  • Fixed bugs with Sample app printout.

  • Fixed bug with Graded Spec not updating when sample measurements are saved to Measurement app.

  • Fixed bug with copying a Measurement app.