Release 1.17

The primary focus of this release was on implementing External Partner permissions and the ability to share pages in BeProduct with these external partners. Other enhancements to BeProduct include the Costing functionality in BOM apps and Size Range features for styles.



  • External Partner Access: With this release, external partners from the directory can now be invited to view data in BeProduct that is shared with them.

  • BOM Costing: With this release, users are now able to configure costing directly within a BOM app. This functionality allows for live cost calculations based on materials used in the BOM, ability to do multiple cost scenarios and configure calculation logic by app, among many other features.

  • Size Range Label Field for Style: A new default label field for Size Range has been included in all style folders. This field dynamically lists out all the active sizes that are added in the Sizes tab of a style and even indicates which of the sizes is the sample size.

  • Suggested Size Range Dropdown: When creating a new style in BeProduct, a user now has the option to select from a list of suggested size ranges that are specified at the folder admin level. Selecting one of these suggested size ranges will automatically populate the Sizes tab in the style upon creation.



  • The character limit for the Formula property in all formula fields has been increased.

  • More options have been added to the partner Contact Type dropdown in the directory.

  • The Comments text input field height has been increased to show 3 lines at a time.



  • Fixed bug with BOM app that prevented users from free typing a value.

  • Fixed bug that did not update grade rules when sample size was changed.

  • Fixed bug with sample comments text editor that caused printed comments to not appear on print as it does on screen.

  • Fixed bug with label field control that generated incorrect values from dropdown options with no code specified.

  • Fixed bug that caused form apps with many formulas to crash.