Release 1.3

The primary focus of this release was around the implementation of a new Multi Select Dropdown data control, with changes in the application to support this new field type throughout BeProduct. Additional improvements include a redesign of the Color Plan, the ability to download images from List Apps and the ability to copy Tracking Folders.



  • Multi Select Dropdowns: Users can now add Multi Select dropdown fields to folders and apps created in BeProduct by dragging and dropping a new Multi Select data control onto a desired page.

  • Download Images from List Apps: A user can now choose to download an image directly from a List App by clicking the download button that appears when hovering over the image.

  • Color Plan Redesign: With this release, the Color Plan looks and functions like a Color Palette with the ability to add, view info, search, sort and delete colors from the plan.

  • Copy Tracking Folders: Users with access to the Admin area of the system can now copy a Tracking Folder to create a new one, similar to making copies of Master Folders.



  • Clicking the Back option on the application’s menu now returns the user to the previous page in the folder that the user was on.

  • A user is now able to define the default value for the Active field that is available in all Master Folders.



  • Fixed bug with labeling of certain pages in generated Excel tech packs.