Release 2.13

The primary focus of this release was to introduce a new Composite field type and to enhance the exiting functionality in the areas of image uploads, batch tech pack, Reports, Bill of Material, Measurements and Sample Request app.



  • Multi File Upload in Image Folder: With this release, users are able to upload multiple image files into the image folder when creating a new image. This will result in each file being created as its own image within BeProduct.

  • Composite Field Type: Admins can now create fields using a new composite field type. This type of field will allow you to standardize the entry of material composition while ensuring that percentage values always calculate to 100%.

  • Multi Tech Pack Download: With this release users are able to select multiple generated tech packs and click a download button to download them all together. This will generate a zip file containing all the tech packs and once created, send a notification to the user with a link to download the zip file.

  • Show/Hide Colorway Pitching in Bill of Material Apps: Users working on a Bill of Material app can now choose to temporarily hide the colorway pitching portion of the grid, allowing the user to see more of the material grid on the page when needed.

  • Add POMs to Specific Row: When adding POMs from the library to a Measurement app or Sample Request app, users are now able to specify the row, above or below which, they would like to add the new POMs.

  • Multi POM Move in Measurements and Sample Apps: With this release, a user working on the Measurement app or Sample Request app can move multiple POMs, by simply selecting the POMs to move and specifying whether to move them above or below a particular row.

  • Sample Request App Submit Statuses Post to Tracking Timeline: With this release, when a user updates the status of the latest submit of a Sample Request app, the related status is updated in tracking, given that page is linked to a tracking milestone.

  • Configurable Column Widths in Reports: With this release an admin now has the ability to configure the column widths of the fields added to a report.



  • When clicking on a Task link, the page now opens on the browser with the task panel visible.

  • An updated BeSnap iPhone app is now available to support the new iOS 13.

  • IF conditions in the Formula field type now support null values as a condition result.

  • Text tags within Adobe Illustrator now supports the population of multi-select drop downs using comma separated values.



  • Fixed bug with advanced search in Batch Tech Pack, Tracking Folder and Line Sheets.

  • Fixed bug with navigation menu in Tracking folder.

  • Fixed bug with image editor not loading images correctly.

  • Fixed bug with deleted styles showing up in reports

  • Fixed bug with Partner dropdown field type

  • Fixed bug with negative grader rule value entry in Sample Request apps.