Release 1.21

The primary focus of this release was to introduce drag and drop sorting in Line Sheets as well as the ability to generate costing print previews. Additional enhancements include support for 1/16th of an inch in measurements and sample requests, tech pack notifications and the ability to search by created and last modified user.



  • Line Sheet Sorting: With this release, users are able to drag and drop sort styles or materials in a Line Sheet.

  • Costing Print Preview Options: With this release, users are able to generate print previews of costing scenarios created using the Bill of Material app’s costing functionality.

  • 1/16th Inch Support: Users are now able to enter values that are a multiple of 1/16 of an inch, in both the new Measurement app and Sample Request app.

  • Tech Pack Notifications: In addition to sending email notifications on Tech Packs, the system will now send out notifications from within BeProduct as well.

  • Search by Created: An admin of the system can now allow users to search based on the user who created data items.

  • Search by Modified: An admin of the system can now allow users to search based on the user who last modified data items.



  • The user indicated at the top left of each card in the Card Views is now the user who last modified the item.

  • The advanced searches in Reports now include a Type dropdown that allows users to filter by folders.

  • The Upload Icon has been replaced with a couple of animated GIFs that indicate if a file is still uploading or if it is being processes by the system.

  • The image displayed on each card in the Card Views now scales to fit the entire image in the available space.

  • The Created timestamp for copied and carryover color palettes, images, materials and styles now updates to reflect the user who created the new instance and when that instance was created.

  • Dropdown fields in Advanced Searches now filter data containing the exact values that are selected by the user.

  • The Color Name tag in Illustrator Artboard images, if available, will now overwrite the Pantone color name when creating colorways of styles and materials.



  • Fixed bug with quick search in the Image folder.

  • Fixed bug with text comments cutting off in Text & List apps.

  • Fixed bug with updating of grade rules in Measurement app when user leaves app directly from the sizes tab.

  • Fixed bug with permissions in the Directory folder.

  • Fixed bug with contacts not getting deleted when a company is deleted.

  • Fixed bug with search filters in reports appearing disabled.

  • Fixed bug with share panel not loading when page has already been shared with contacts.

  • Fixed bug with import excel option in the new Measurement app.

  • Fixed bug with new Sample Request app print preview showing values from incorrect submit.

  • Fixed bug with image previews in Attributes app.

  • Fixed bug with misalignment of rows when scrolling in the new Measurement app.