Release 1.19

The primary focus of this release was on the introduction of new grid based Measurement and Sample Request Apps. Additional enhancements include the ability to drag and drop sort sizes and the support for new currency formats.



  • Measurement App Template: With this release, users are now able to create grid based Measurement apps for styles in BeProduct. Users can also customize the measurement grids to have additional columns as needed.

  • Sample Request App Template: With this release, users are able to create new Sample Request apps that are related to the new Measurement App. This is a fit type request app that allows users to iterate on sample size measurements through multiple sample submits.

  • Drag & Drop Sizes: Users are now able to drag and drop sort sizes in the style. This allows for the ability to add new sizes at the beginning of an existing size range.



  • Additional currency options have been added to the Currency Field

  • An Additional 2X Small option has been added to the Column Width field property on apps with configurable grids.

  • Application optimizations have been made to continue improving system performance.



  • Fixed bug causing colorway images to be removed when a new artboard version is uploaded.

  • Fixed bug with the saving and assigning of permissions in master folders.