Release 1.16

The primary focus of this release was on updating permissions in BeProduct to allow admins to modify security roles specific to a particular folder. Other changes to BeProduct include the ability to search through style and material colorways and open data in new tabs.



  • Modify Security Roles Specific to a Folder: Folder Permissions now allow an admin to make modifications to a security role specific to a particular folder.

  • Quick Search for Style and Material Colorways: With this release, users are now able to search through available colorways in the colorways tab for both styles and materials.

  • New Tab Option on Card View Menu: With this release, users can now open a color palette, image, material or style in a new tab using the New Tab option that appears on the card view menu. This allows users to open multiple items without losing any of the set search filters.

  • EPS File Support: With this release, users can now upload .eps files to create images.

  • Launch Admin page from User Menu: Admin users are now able to open the Admin page from any page in the system by clicking on the user menu and selecting the Admin option.



  • Paging has been implemented on the Colorway tab for both styles and materials.

  • The default page for Tasks has been changed to the Day view.

  • The Day view and Agenda view in Tasks now show the header name as part of the breadcrumb.

  • The Task text field on the Tasks Edit Panel is now a memo box displaying 3 lines of text.

  • The Product Wall icon has been updated.

  • BeSnap now contains logic that would prevent accidental duplication of images in BeProduct.



  • Fixed bug with BOM Detail apps not displaying materials when an existing material is deleted.

  • Fixed bug on Sample apps that caused formulas on Graded Spec tab to not populate.

  • Fixed bug with paging in Line Sheets.

  • Fixed bug with time zone conversions of dates on printouts.

  • Fixed bug on BeSnap that required users to login each time the app was opened.

  • Fixed bug on Sample app printouts causing the header to block the page content.

  • Fixed bug with color pitching on BOM apps.