Release 1.15

The primary focus of this release was on implementing the new Screen Print app and the Add Color Panel in the Bill of Material apps. Other changes to BeProduct include some adjustments to permissions and the Sample Request apps.



  • Add Color Panel in Bill of Material Apps: With this release, users are able to pitch material colors by selecting them from an Add Color panel. By default, this panel will show colorways available for the selected materials, but the user can choose to select a different color from the color library or create a custom color.

  • Screen Print App: With this release, users can install a Screen Print app to style folders. This app acts as a color pitch sheet for screen prints with multiple colorways that are specific to a colorway of the style.



  • Both read and read & write App Level Permissions now allow users to download files from BeProduct.

  • Users can now access the Grade Rules tab from Sample Request Apps. This allows the user to specify grade rules for any newly added POMs from within the Sample Request app.



  • Fixed bug with cost rollups in Bill of Material apps.

  • Fixed bug that prevented users from editing certain tasks.

  • Fixed bug with sorting on Style Plan and Material Plan grids in Tracking.

  • Fixed bug with the generation of attributes for custom colors.

  • Fixed bug with Material Where Used app.

  • Fixed bug causing Tech Packs created in Tracking to generate pages out of order.

  • Fixed bug that was not setting permissions for a user when choosing a role.