Release 1.10

The primary focus of this release was on the new BOM Details app template and the Spreadsheet & List app template. Additional enhancements include a new Public API Portal with simplified API responses.



  • BOM Detail App Template: Users can create style apps using a new BOM Detail app template available in the App Marketplace. Apps created using this template will allow users to see and print on tech packs, more information about the materials being used in any Bill of Material apps in a style.

  • Spreadsheet & List App Template: Users can create apps using a new Spreadsheet & List app template available in the App Marketplace. This app template contains a spreadsheet grid at the top followed by an image list area at the bottom.

  • Public API Portal: Customers and Integration Partners can now test and access documentation on our Public APIs through an online portal. API responses have also been simplified to make them easy to understand and consume. (



  • The resolution for large Image Previews has been increased to 1000 pixels.

  • Creating a Style or Material from an image, using the Create Style button or Create Material button respectively, it will now redirect the user to the newly created item.

  • The Breadcrumb Trail now displays on all tasks when on the Agenda tab in the Tasks folder.

  • Updating the graded spec from a Sample app now pulls updated measurement values from the Final column.



  • Fixed bug with smart header numbers not generating correctly when creating a copy.

  • Fixed wrapping of text issue on Colorway print preview.

  • Fixed bug generating Tech Packs with empty list apps selected.

  • Fixed bug generating Print Previews of style pages from the Tracking folder.