Release 1.4

The primary focus of this release was around the implementation of a new Label data control, with changes in the application to support this new field type throughout BeProduct. Additional improvements include the ability to create apps for Color Folders, defaulting vendor and size in BOM apps, access to the Image Editor from main images in both styles and materials and a Technical Sketch page tag.



  • Label Data Control: Users can now add Label fields to folders and apps created in BeProduct by dragging and dropping a new Label data control onto a desired page. The Label data control allows for the joining of two or more field values to be displayed on a page or print preview.

  • Default Single Vendor & Size in BOM Apps: When a user adds materials to a BOM App, if a material has only one vendor and/or one size specified, that vendor and/or size will now automatically be defaulted onto the page.

  • Color Folder Apps: With this release, users are now able to create and install apps for Color Palettes through the App Marketplace.

  • Editor for Style Main Images: Users are now able to access the Image Editor to make callouts on Front, Back and Side images of a style.

  • Editor for Material Main Images: Users are now able to access the Image Editor to make callouts on Main and Detail images of a material.

  • Technical Sketch Page Tag: With this release, users can now tag their Technical Sketch Illustrator artboards so that they are automatically assigned to the Measurement page of a style.



  • Users who are designated as Admins of the system can now add and invite new users to join the company.