Release 1.14

The primary focus of this release was on implementing the new role based permissions. Other enhancements to BeProduct include the ability to create custom colors as well as export style and material plan grids to Excel.



  • Export Style and Material Plans to Excel: With this release, users are able to export the Style Plan and Material Plan grids in Tracking to an excel file.

  • Custom Colors in Color Palettes: With this release, users can create custom colors using a color picker and add them to any color palette.

  • Custom Colors for Style and Material Colorways: When entering style and material colorways, users are now able to enter custom colors using a color picker.

  • Role Based Permissions: With this release, assigning permissions to folders in the system is now managed through roles.



  • The URL for the Hong Kong Server has been changed to

  • Both read and read & write App Level Permissions now allow users to generate print previews.

  • When creating or modifying materials from Bill of Material Apps users can now select images from uploaded artboards.

  • Horizontal Scrollbars on grids have been increased in size for easier scrolling.

  • Alert has been added to Bill of Material Apps to prompt users to save before leaving the page.

  • Users can now select the Sample Submit Comments to print by simply selecting the desired submit from the dropdown.



  • Fixed bug that causes edits to images in Sample Apps to get flattened with the image.

  • Fixed bug causing color names to overlap with color images on Bill of Material print previews.

  • Fixed bug with multipage layout of Bill of Material grid on print previews.

  • Fixed bug with missing placement values in Bill of Material apps.

  • Fixed bug that prevented users from selecting lengthy text options in combo boxes.