Release 1.12

The primary focus of this release was on implementing the Line Sheet Printout functionality with support for templated print layouts. Additional enhancements include a new Material Where Used App, support for .ase color palette files and a new Color Dropdown data control to name a few. 



  • Line Sheet Printouts: With this release, users are able to generate printouts of Line Sheets created in BeProduct. This feature includes support for custom print layouts through the creation of templates that are uploaded into BeProduct and appear as available Line Sheet Print Options.

  • Material Where Used App: Also in this release is a new Material Where Used app that can be installed in any Material Master Folder. This app gives the user visibility to styles that are currently using a particular material in its Bill Of Material apps.

  • Upload .ASE Color Palette Files: Users are now able to upload .ase files to create color palettes in BeProduct.

  • Download .ASE Color Palette Files: Users are now able to export BeProduct color palettes as .ase files.

  • Last Modified Timestamp by App: Users are now able to see a Last Modified timestamp for each App in BeProduct.

  • Color Dropdown Data Control: Users can now add Color dropdown fields to folders and apps created in BeProduct by dragging and dropping a new Color Dropdown data control onto a desired page. This data control allows the user to search for and select a Pantone color chip as a value.

  • Persistent Search, Buttons and Paging on Add Image Panels: When scrolling through images on the Add Image panel, the Search, Add Image button and Paging options continue to remain accessible on the panel.

  • Sync Material Updates with Bill Of Material Apps: With this release, when a user makes an update to a material, this change is automatically synced to all Bill Of Material Apps that are currently using that material. 



  • The max number of sizes in both Styles and Materials has been increased to 40 sizes.

  • The Measurement Print Preview pages have been optimized to better utilize available space on the page. 



  • Fixed bug in Tracking that prevented users from independently updating data on Request apps by row in the Style and Material Plan.

  • Fixed bug that caused Photoshop files with gradients to render incorrectly.

  • Fixed bug that caused the wrong image to be removed in the comments tab of certain Sample Request apps.

  • Fixed bug that prevented users from copying Bill Of Material apps.

  • Fixed bug that prevented users from uploading TIFF files when creating a new material from within a Bill Of Material app. 

  • Fixed minor issues on the following Tech Pack pages:

    • Coverpage

    • Colorway

    • Measurements

    • Text & List App Print Previews

    • List App Print Previews