Release 2.16

v2.16 is out and we’re excited to share its new features with you! This release includes new options for field types, usability enhancements, new Event APIs and more.


  • Event APIs: Users can now configure event APIs for attribute pages in Master Folders.

  • Additional APIs Added: APIs added for Share, Task and Comment functions.

  • Attachments in Directory: An attachment page has been added for all companies setup under the Directory folder.

  • Attachments in Block Master Folder: Support for attachment apps has now been added to the Blocks master folder.

  • Markup Tool Improvements: Several improvements to the Markup tool have been implemented, including drawing start and end points for arrows and lines, resizing circles to create ovals, and an added semi-transparent background to text areas.

  • Tag Controls: A new Tag Control has been added as a field type for Master Folders. This allows users to quickly add tags for Style, Image, Material and Color records.

  • Color Palette Excel Upload: Users can now create color palettes and color libraries by using Excel Upload.



  • Users can now change the Style Name field when using the Carry Over feature in the Style folder instead of having to change the Style Name after completing the Carry Over.

  • A Directory ID field has been added to Directory records.

  • In the Size Run Sample App, Comments and Fit Photos are now separated by submit as they are in the Sample Request App.

  • When copying styles, user can no longer change the size range if at least one POM exists on a Measurement app.

  • KG has been added to the list of Unit of Measure options in material size grids.



  • Resolved an issue in the Tracking Folder that prevented certain views from being able to slide open properly.

  • Corrected an issue where the Size Range on the Style Attributes Page did not update if a measurement containing a different Size Range was added to the style.

  • Corrected an issue that would sometimes cause a techpack to not finish generating.