Release 2.1

As part of the enhancements in this release we have introduced artificial intelligent keyword tagging for images and a new Size Run sample app template to name a few. Additional updates include the ability to setup timeline dependencies before the end date, auto assign artboards to the Technical Sketches tab using the measurement app name and visibility to master fields for the different folders in mass share.



  • Artificial Intelligent Keyword Tagging on Images: As users upload images into the Image folder, the system will now intelligently tag keywords to these images. Users can search images using these keywords and can also choose to remove or tag additional keywords against each image. BeProduct will begin to learn from these changes and will continue to improve its tagging intelligence over time.

  • Size Run Sample App Template: With this release, administrators of BeProduct can now create sample request apps for size run sampling. This app will allow users to create sample submits for different sizes and compare against requested measurements pulling from the Graded Spec.

  • End Date In Tracking Timelines: Users can now setup tracking timelines to calculate action due dates that should occur before the planned end date. As an example, this allows for setting up timelines to calculate due dates based on an Ex-factory date.

  • Tracking Link In Style Folder Card View: With this release a tracking icon would appear at the bottom left corner of a style card if that style has already been added to a tracking folder. Clicking on this icon will open the tracking folder in a new browser window.



  • With the mass share functionality in the Directory folder, users now have visibility to the master fields setup for the card views and advanced search filters.

  • The size range field on the style timeline panel in tracking now only shows the active sizes for the style.

  • The page tag to auto assign artboards to the Technical Sketches tab in the Measurement app is not the name of the Measurement app itself.

  • When the Action panel that appear on the right of the page is collapsed, it can be expanded by simply hovering your mouse cursor over it.

  • New units of measure options have been added to the UOM dropdown in the sizes tab for materials.

  • When clicking on the download button on web supported image formats, the image now opens in a new browser tab. This was implemented to work around updates to the Chrome browser that made it inconvenient to download such files directly to your computer.

  • List views in the Master folders and the BOM Add Material panel now have horizontal scroll bars allowing for more legible column widths when a lot of fields are added to the grid.

  • Updates to the tech pack compression have been made to better reduce tech pack file sizes when high resolution images are used in the style.



  • Fixed order of measurement pages when trying to create tech packs in tracking.

  • Fixed bug with rendering very complex Adobe Illustrator files.

  • Fixed bug with partner dropdown data control.

  • Fixed bug with user dropdown data control.

  • Fixed bug with editing POM codes.

  • Fixed bug with image editor.