Release 1.23

The primary focus of this release was to introduce collapsible headers on all app pages as well as performance improvements on page loading. Additional enhancements include the ability to download material images from BOM Detail apps and generating tracking grid excel exports with filtered data.



  • Collapsible Headers in Apps: With this release all app pages, with the exception of the Attributes page, have collapsible headers with the header hidden by default. This allows for more space on that page for app specific data and functionality.

  • Download Digital Assets from BOM Detail Apps: With this release, users and partners with whom this page is shared can now download the material images from BOM Detail apps.

  • Tracking Export with Filtered Data: With this release, the export feature in tracking generates an Excel file with data that matches any filters set on the page.

  • Performance Improvements: Continued optimizations have been made to the underlying architecture of BeProduct to improve upon the performance of the system.



  • When external partners access a Tach Pack app in a style or material, they would only see the tech packs that they are included on in the email notifications.

  • When Transparent PNG files are uploaded, the default background color for the system rendered images and thumbnails has been changed to white.

  • If an Illustrator image with no page tags is uploaded to the Artboard app of a style or material containing no front or main image respectively, the first artboard of the Illustrator file will automatically be set as the front/main image.

  • Print previews of List apps now have more space for field data at the bottom of each image.

  • The quality of artboard images in the Artboard app when in zoomed view has been increased.



  • Fixed bug with listed size range in the Sample app.

  • Fixed bug with combo box data control not allowing admins to updated available choices.

  • Fixed bugs with the updating of size ranges in Measurement apps when copying or uploading Excel files.

  • Fixed bug with multiple image uploads on List apps.

  • Fixed bug with style menu loading.

  • Fixed inconsistent page sizes in print previews.