Release 1.20

The primary focus of this release was on the introduction of the ability to email Tech Packs from within BeProduct and also the ability to link style apps between styles. Additional enhancements include new configuration options for the master folders and support for RAW image file format.



  • Tech Pack Emailing: With this release, users are able to email Tech Packs directly from within BeProduct to users or external partners setup in the system.

  • Style Linked Pages: With this release, users are able to link style apps between styles or style templates. This means that any updates performed on the original page will be available across all styles that are linked to that page.

  • Master Folder Card View Setup: With this release, an admin is able to configure which attributes are visible on the card view for all master folders.

  • Master Folder Default Search Fields: With this release, an admin is able to configure the default advanced search filters with attributes that are common across all folders in a given master folder.

  • Color Library Setup: With this release, an admin of the system is able to create and maintain master color libraries in BeProduct.

  • RAW Image Format Support: With this release, BeProduct now supports the uploading of RAW image files taken from Nikon, Canon and Sony DSLR cameras.



  • When creating new Tech Packs the user no longer has to wait on the page for the file to be generated. Once a Tech Pack is ready for download, a download icon for that Tech Pack will appear.

  • Master folder Card Views now display both the attribute name as well as the respective value on screen.

  • Hovering over attributes on a master folder Card View would display a tooltip showing the attribute values without any truncation.

  • The Created timestamp for copied and carryover styles now updates to reflect the user who created the new style instance and when that style instance was created.



  • Fixed bug with PDF compression on tech packs created from the tracking folder.

  • Fixed bug with the updating of sizes from grid based measurement apps.

  • Fixed bug with the material tracking checkbox in BOM apps.

  • Fixed bug with list apps that were not printing on tech packs.

  • Fixed bug with edit access to certain styles that were copied or carried over.

  • Fixed bug with permissions on the Directory folder.

  • Fixed bug with sample comment print previews resulting in the partial printing of text comments.

  • Fixed bug with the core size range field not showing updated size ranges in most apps.