Release 2.21

Welcome to version 2.21! This release is coming to you with a number of improvements to the Tracking Folder, sample request and measurement apps.



  • Tracking Folder Mass Edit Functions: You can now Move, Remove, and Duplicate items by Color in the Tracking Folder.

  • Sample Photos: Added a new Sample Photos tab to Sample Request Apps to allow for viewing more images and improved sorting.

  • Copy/Carryover Blocks: Creating your Blocks library just got a lot easier! If you have similar Blocks you need to create, you can now copy them!

  • Styles able to be added to multiple Tracking folders: You can now add a style to multiple tracking folders, allowing you to have the same style be tracked by different teams in their tracking folders.

  • Quickly Enter Even Grade Rules: You can now enter a value into the Sample Size column of a Grade Rules tab in Measurements page and it will apply that same value across all sizes for the POM.

  • Tech Pack API Events: Added API Events to the Tech Pack app to allow for integration opportunities surrounding techpacks. 


  • Browser tab for Tracking Folders now displays the tracking folder’s name.

  • Updated Colorway column on Timeline view of tracking folders to be consistent with custom views.

  • Clicking Sync button on a record in the system now displays a message that the file is syncing.

  • Colorway, sizes and partner columns in the timeline view of tracking folder can now be customized to allow for narrower or wider columns.

  • Paging added to Add POM area in Blocks and Measurements App for better performance.