Release 2.22

Happy New Year, BeProduct Users! We are kicking off the year with some awesome new features and improvements, including new BOM Printout options, massive time savers for the Grid App, performance tuning for the tracking folder and lots more!



  • Color Palette Image Swatches: Want to have a stripe or pattern in your color palette? You can now upload images as color chips in your palette!

  • Image Variations: Designing a print with multiple colorways? Add each colorway or variation to its own Artboard in an AI file and add to an image in BeProduct to automatically name and number each colorway for you. You can then bring these into your color palettes to use when pitching your BOM Colorway or adding color to materials.

  • BOM Printout Options: The BOM App now supports multiple printout options. Let’s say you want to have your nominated supplier appear only on your Production Techpack, but not on your Prototype Techpack--now you can have a different BOM Printout for each.

  • Share Blocks: You can now share Blocks in the Blocks folder with external users.

  • Default Sharing Options: New settings added in the Admin folder allowing you to set up which pages of a style are automatically shared with an External User when sharing the Attributes page.

  • Tracking Folder: We’ve added a Select All option to the Add Style screen in Tracking folders so that you can easily add a group of styles to tracking with fewer clicks.

  • Duplicate POMs: You can now duplicate POMs on the Measurements and Sample Request apps. Duplicating POMs will also bring over all grading and measurement values to the new copy.

  • API Events: API Events now supported for OnCopy and OnCarryover Attribute events, as well as in the Attachment App.

  • Grid App Excel Import/Export: The Grid App now supports Import/Export Excel functionality, allowing you to quickly update large amounts of data in the grid by exporting, making changes in excel, and then importing back to BeProduct.



  • Several performance tuning optimizations have been made in the tracking folder to reduce page load times and improve responsiveness when large amounts of data are present.

  • Notifications are now sent to subscribed users when an edit is made on items that they are subscribed to.

  • Reformatted the Sample Request App's Image printout to allow for longer comments. You’ll now see comments for a given image along the right side of the image instead of underneath it.



Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected an issue where unsupported characters were allowed to be saved when creating Master Folders.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some date/times in the system to not appear in a user’s time zone.

  • Resolved an issue with some date fields not being formatted according to a user’s profile preferences.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Material Folder Notification breadcrumbs links to be invalid.