Release 3.0

BeProduct v3.0 is here and we are beyond excited to officially roll out a new way for you to seamlessly integrate 3D Styles and Materials into your workflow. If you’re interested in adopting and optimizing 3D as a part of your product development lifecycle, there’s never been a better time to get started.



  • Browzwear Plugin: Our Browzwear plugin allows you to download and use your 3D Materials and Seams from BeProduct directly in Browzwear’s VStitcher and Lotta, streamlining your workflow and keeping your assets consistent.

  • New 3D Material App: Build out your library of 3D Materials using our new 3D Material App, giving you a central place to store and manage your 3D Material assets to then use when creating styles. Several different options are in place to uploading your 3D Materials:

    • Upload existing U3M files to automatically display texture info

    • Upload texture files to an existing U3M file

    • Generate a brand new U3M file directly in BeProduct by selecting desired physics information for the fabric type you’d like to create

  • Material Physics Database: Upload your material physics JSON files in the Admin folder, allowing you to generate U3M files on the fly, directly in BeProduct.

  • 3D Seams: Create a library of 3D Seams in BeProduct that can be used in VStitcher and Lotta via the BeProduct Plugin for Browzwear.

  • 3D Style App: Bring together 3D Blocks, 3D Materials, and Colors with the 3D Style App, allowing you to use your assets from BeProduct in your 3D designs.

    • Integrate 3D Materials, Seams and Colors from BeProduct with VStitcher and Lotta when designing in 3D

    • View and make revision comments against 3D turntable images.

    • View turntable images for each colorway

    • Version control keeps a history of your previous versions and allows you to revert to earlier versions of your design when you need to

    • Ray Trace support shows high quality renderings of your styles

    • Create Browzwear Techpacks directly in BeProduct to automatically populate your Bill of Materials and show critical Pattern and Shape info on your techpacks.

  • 3D Blocks: Blocks can now hold 3D Assets alongside your measurements in the blocks folder. When using the block in a style, a copy of the 3D asset for the block will carry over, giving you a base from which to build.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to implement any of the new features above!