Release 3.1

With the release of BeProduct v3.1 we are introducing a set of new apps that offers more ways for you to manage styles with multiple size classes, Copy feature for the Grid App, Interchangeable Sample Sizes for Styles using Blocks and more. See below for details.



  • Multi-Size Measurement App: This app allows you to add multiple size classes (think Regular Fit, Slim Fit, Big & Tall for example) to a single style measurement page.

    • You can then evaluate Development Spec, Graded Spec and Grade rules for all size classes in the measurement sheet alongside each other.

    • Update measurements for a size class by using pencil icon to left of size class name.

  • Multi-Size Sample App: You can now track multiple sizes from multiple size classes of a style in a single sample app! Here are some of the new possibilities the Multi-Size Sample App offers:

    • Create submits containing multiple sizes from multiple size classes. For example, your 1st Submit for a sample request could now contain Women's (L), Missy (M), Missy (L) all under one submit. Your 2nd Submit could also have differing sizes, or the same.

    • Evaluate all sizes (from multiple size classes if you’d like) in a single Sample Evaluation grid to compare sizes.

    • Push measurements from non-sample sizes back to the measurements page, automatically upgrading your grade rules and unlinking POMs when using Blocks where needed.

  • Interchangeable Sample Sizes when using Blocks: You can now change the sample size in styles even when Blocks are being used. This can be done any time prior to starting a sample request.

  • Copy POM in Styles using Blocks: When using Blocks, copying from other styles using the same block will now come in as linked.

  • Grid App Copy: The grid app now supports the Copy feature, allowing you to copy grid info from one grid app to another.

  • Single Sign-on: Login with Google and Login with Microsoft options now available for those whose email is hosted by either provider.



  • Size classes within a block now live under the Measurements app in blocks and can be viewed alongside each other so that you can compare your sizing of each size class. To edit measurements of a size class, simply click on the pencil icon to the left of the size class that you’d like to work with.

  • We’ve added a Directory ID field added to partner attributes page in the Directory.

  • Applied new Fit Photo printout layout to the Size Run Sample app, allowing for longer comments for each photo on the printouts.

  • New layout for BOM Printout allows for longer Color Number & Color Name text in colorway columns.



  • Fixed an issue that caused search dropdown menus to not update with changes made to dropdown list in master data.

  • Resolved a pesky bug where sometimes the thumbnail image for Task notifications did not show properly.

  • Corrected UI issue that would cause images in List App to appear distorted when resizing browser window.

  • Short Description field in Tracking Timeline Setup now supports starting with numbers.

  • Fixed an issue where image download button on Front/Side/Back of style attributes page images did not download if you had generated the thumbnails via Browzwear integration.


As always, if you have any questions about any of the new features or changes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at