Release 2.17

v2.17 is now available! This release includes several usability enhancements, a new look for the Notifications Panel, and more.


  • Markup Tool: Users can drag and drop Circles and Squares to the desired size and location on a markup image.

  • Bookmark Pages: Users can now set their preference for what page/app opens in a Style when opened. To Bookmark a page, simply click on the Star icon in the breadcrumb at the top of an opened style. Note that this is a folder and user-specific. For a quick guide on this feature, click here.

  • Download Colorway Images: Added a feature for users to be able to download colorway images from Styles and Materials.

  • BOM Detail Printouts: Four new options have been added for BOM Detail Printouts.

  • Multi-Select User Drop Down: Similar to the new Tags feature we released with v2.16, we’ve now added a User Tags field type that functions as a multi-select User drop down.



  • Added button to download Color Palette templates for uploading colors into a palette.

  • When copying POMs to or from a Measurement sheet, if a POM already exists within the destination measurement sheet, values will now be converted to the target Measurement page's measurement system (Imperial or Metric).

  • Performance optimizations on Measurement app.

  • Increased column width of Tech Pack Name column in the Batch Tech Pack area to better accommodate Tech Packs with longer names.

  • Back by popular demand, we’ve added style thumbnails back to the bottom of the side panel on Measurement and Sample Apps.

  • Implemented new property for Text, Memo, Dropdown, and LabelText field types that allows field to be hidden on headers.

  • Notifications area has a new look and feel, opening as a side-panel instead of a drop down menu.

  • When assigning images from the image library as colorways of a style or material, values from fields on the image header now populate the matching field on the colorways dimension grid.



  • Corrected an issue where style header information was not appearing in Apps.

  • Resolved issue with Advanced Search in Reports and Tracking folders that would sometimes not show proper search results.

  • Resolved an issue where, at times, Label fields with Formulas did not populate correctly.