Release 3.3

This update brings new enhancements to Boards, our 3D Techpack pages and also a huge time saver for entering new measurements into the system.  


  • Enter Graded Specs: Users can now enter graded specs directly on the graded specs tab of Measurement sheets.

  • Pattern App: New Information field added to the Pattern App that can pull artwork image metadata from your Browzwear 3D File.

  • SVG Image Support: We’ve added SVG Image support to the system. This opens up some new possibilities for the Boards app--allowing you to upload your own SVG files to create forms and other images that could benefit from vector format.

  • Front, Back and Side Images in Boards: The boards app now has support for bringing in the Front, Back and Side images from styles--so no need to worry if you don’t have colorway images for a style that you’d like to include in a board!

  • Material Colorway Name & Number in Boards: Users can now choose to show material colorway names and numbers in Boards.


  • Duplicate materials and shapes on the Shapes app (used in 3D Workflow) will no longer be repeated in order to save paper and screen real estate.

  • The 3D techpack’s Pattern app printout now includes Color Names for diffuse colors instead of the HEX Value.


  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes require user to save twice if the status of 1st Submit and 2nd Submit were the same.