Release 3.4

Another release of BeProduct was recently beamed into the cloud, bringing with it a whole slew of improvements and enhancements! Tracking was a major focus of this release along with enhancements to Boards and several other behind the scenes changes to improve your experience in BeProduct.

See below for more details and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like some help using these new features.

Tracking Enhancements:

  • Saved Filters: Saved Filters can now be created in Tracking, allowing you to save commonly used searches and then use them later by simply selecting it from a dropdown.

  • Grid Look & Feel: We’ve implemented a new grid for tracking, providing better performance and more flexibility with how you view and work with your tracking folder.

  • Tracking Views now in Navigation Frame: We’ve moved Tracking Views to the left-hand navigation frame in order to free up screen space and provide a more consistent experience through the application.


  • Freeze Columns in Tracking On-Demand: When hovering over a column’s header in the tracking grid, you’ll now find a Pin Column option that allows you to pin/freeze a column on the tracking grid.

  • Color Coding Legend: Added a color code to the side panel in tracking for clarity.

  • External User/Partner Permissions: Permission for tracking columns can now be more specific as it is now based on user security roles.

  • Internal User Permissions: Tracking folder access is now granted at the User Security Group level, simplifying control over your Tracking folders and bringing permission for Tracking in line with other system area permission setups.

  • Archive Styles: You can now Archive styles on your tracking folder, hiding them from your default view in Tracking but preserving all their historical data. Had a favorite style in development that got dropped? No need to constantly be reminded of it anymore while working in tracking. Style get picked back up? You can also unarchive!

  • Tracking Start & End Dates in Views: Tracking Folder Start and End dates can now be displayed in Tracking Views, giving more visibility over your timelines while in tracking views tabs.

  • Date Calculations: You can now use formulas to calculate dates in tracking folders and beyond!

  • Improved Workflow for Adding Styles: Select Colors, Sizes and Partners when adding styles to a tracking folder via the new intermediate screen that appears after selecting style to add.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Name Size Ranges: Size Ranges can now be named in the admin folder and display in their name instead of simply listing out all sizes individually.

  • API for Image Variations: New API Added for managing Image Variations.

  • Improved Image Cropping in Boards: We’ve introduced a new option for having more control when cropping images. Double-clicking on an image will allow you to scale an image up within its current area. Dragging handles at sides of image to crop now has a more intuitive control.

  • Simplified Boards Setup: Search fields for Style and Materials in Boards now pull from their respective Master Folders and no longer have to be set up manually for each Boards folder.

  • Sync Progress Bar: We’ve added a Progress Bar when downloading images from BeProduct Sync--helpful when you need to download large files!


  • Material-level attribute fields can no longer be edited in the Bill of Material app. Bill of Material-level fields (such as Placement, Quantity, etc) can still be edited in the Bill of Material app. To modify material-level fields from the BOM, the easiest method now is to click on the Image of your material to open its edit screen.


  • Resolved an issue that prevented Back button from working properly in Boards folder.