Release 3.5

Welcome to BeProduct 3.5! We have some exciting new features for you in this release, including the ability to search by colorway level fields using the advanced search, searching for image variation names and numbers, searching by date ranges (from:to) for your date fields and much more. Read on to see what else is new!



  • Advanced Search for Colorway Level Fields: Advanced Search panels can now be configured to include Colorway Level fields--including Colorway Name and Number! This means any data you have on the colorway tab of your Styles and Materials can now be searched on. Feel free to reach out if you’d like this configured in your environment.

  • Search by Image Variation Number & Name: New configuration option allows Advanced Search panel to search by image variation name and number. If you’re currently using image variations, let us know if you’d like this option set up and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Colorway Images on Style and Material Search Card View: We’ve added small colorway image previews to Style and Material Card View search screens. If you need a larger view, just click on the thumbnail to open up a larger preview--directly from the search screen without having to open the style. With the larger preview open, you can also toggle between your colorways by using the colorway dropdown in the bottom left corner.

  • Date Range Search: Advanced Search panels now allow you to search date fields as a date range, selecting a From Date and a To Date. It’s much easier now to find any styles created while you were away on vacation!

  • Copy Board Folder in Admin Folder: When configuring Boards folders, Admins can now copy an existing Boards folder to create a new folder, similar to copying Style, Material and Image master folders.

  • 3D Sample Version in Tracking: New option added that allows the current 3D Style version to appear as a column in tracking.

  • Add Colors/Sizes to SKU App: Any Colors/Sizes added to a style after initially generating data on SKU app can now be added to SKU App without first resetting/erasing page. To do this, simply click the Generate button and any new adds will be added, while preserving any data already entered for existing Color/Size options. The same logic applies for removing colorways or sizes after initially creating SKU App data.

  • Locked Fields: New field setting allows user to set fields as Locked. Locked fields can be visible on pages in system, however cannot be modified. This can be helpful in cases where integrations with other systems is required, allowing product information to be pulled into BeProduct from other applications (such as ERP solutions) through APIs, but where the information should not be directly modifiable by users in BeProduct.

  • Colorway Images in Boards: Colorway images added on Style or Material Colorways will now automatically be added to the Style/Material Level Boards App, making the colorway images immediately available to use on Boards. Now…what to do with all those extra clicks we’ll be saving?!



  • When adding an image that utilizes Image Variations to an app such as the List App, Form List App and Grid List App, there is now an intermediate screen to select exactly which variations you would like to bring in.

  • The requirement to have at least one colorway in a style or material in order for it to be added to Boards has been removed, allowing you to instead bring in images from the attributes area of your style or material in lieu of a colorway image.

  • Style and Material Colorway Name and Number are now separate options on Boards, allowing you to only show the Colorway Name or only show the Colorway Number if you’d like.

  • Styles that have colorways can now be added to Tracking without selecting a specific colorway for situations where tracking by color is not needed.


Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected an issue in the Directory where share list views did not show all fields that had been set up in the master setup of style or material folders.

  • Resolved an issue that would allow unsupported characters to be added to App names in the App Marketplace.

  • Fixed an issue with task notification emails and notification panel messages that included unusable links if task was created in Tracking folder.

  • Resolved issue with multi-measurement apps that sometimes caused copy feature to fail.

  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused logos on techpacks to be squished and distorted if Bill of Material page included many columns.

  • Resolved several issues with Tracking Folder Batch Edit popup not opening for some users.


As always, if you have any questions or need anything at all, feel free to reach out to us at Take good care and thanks for being a part of BeProduct.