Release 3.6

BeProduct 3.6 has arrived and introduces a best-in-class 3D Workflow to help you manage all of your digital assets, evaluate versions or colorway combos, rapidly respond to change requests from customers and so much more! Read on for more information on the new features available.

Redesigned 3D Style App:

  • Improved Versioning by Colorway: Easily manage multiple versions of your 3D styles, including support for multiple colorways. Quickly create copies of existing versions to iterate on your customers' feedback or change requests.


  • glTF Support: Users can now create glTF files from their 3D Assets when syncing from Browzwear’s VStitcher, providing an interactive preview of your style to review and comment on.


  • Boards Integration: Select 3D Renderings to use in Boards for dynamic customer presentations and line reviews.

  • 3D Approvals: Manage the statuses of your 3D Versions and Colorways, communicate feedback with revision comments and approve your designs to move forward with physical samples.

  • 3D Bill of Materials App: Auto generate your BOM from VStitcher, automatically pitching the colors for each material and colorway combo.

  • 3D Previews: Create 3D previews from VStitcher Snapshots to capture different positions and uses of a garment. For example, if you have a hoodie, you can now create different previews with the hood up or down!

3D Material App:

  • Material Colorway Management: New support for U3MA files at the material colorway level, allowing you to hold a separate file for each colorway within a material.

  • BeProduct Materials in VStitcher: With our new VStitcher Plugin you can access any of your 3D Materials directly from VStitcher, allowing you to rapidly try out new ideas using your BeProduct asset libraries.


  • 3D Previews: Upload textures and generate dynamic 3D Renderings of your materials in a variety of shapes to get a feel for how your fabric will drape.

Updated VStitcher Plugin:

  • BeProduct Color Palette Integration: Search for, preview and download your BeProduct color palettes directly from VStitcher using our new plugin.

  • Material Library Assets: Access your entire BeProduct 3D Material Asset library directly from VStitcher, allowing you to quickly try out new ideas using different fabrications or material colorways.

  • Enhanced Sync Menu in VStitcher: The BeProduct Sync menu now exists within VStitcher itself, allowing you to define your turntable settings, create GLB previews and new versions in BeProduct.

New BeProduct Sync:

  • New security certificate for Sync

  • Updates to take advantage of all the new 3D Features in this release mentioned above.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Colorway Level Search: We’ve extended colorway level field search capabilities to the master folder level, allowing you to search for colorway level information without narrowing the search down to a particular style type or material type.

  • Colorway Images in the Boards App: Colorway images now sync to the Boards app in styles and materials, streamlining the process of creating presentations in the Boards folder.

  • Consolidated Pattern App Printout: The Pattern App printout has been updated to reduce the amount of pages needed to print your info.