Release 3.8

In this release we’re super excited to introduce a new feature called Batch Actions throughout the system. Mass download or upload artboards for multiple materials/styles, share records with external partners en masse, easily add comments or revisions to multiple styles and more. Read on for details on these new features.



  • New Batch Action Feature: List Search views in the Style, Material, Image, Color and Tracking Folders now have a Batch Action menu that allows you to more quickly make changes to multiple records at once.

    After entering the List View of a search screen in one of the mentioned folders, select a master folder type in the lefthand frame and checkboxes will appear for your search results. After selecting several records, click on the Lightning Bolt icon by the New button over on the right to open the Batch Action Menu.

    Batch Actions:

    • Upload Artboards: This option utilizes BeProduct Sync to open a Finder window or Windows Explorer window with separate folders for each record. Place files into their respective folder and then right-click on one, then select the BeProduct Sync option for the area of the system you’re uploading to. In a few moments your files will be uploaded to your style, material, or image records!

    • Download Artboards: Select this option if you want to download artwork for multiple records at once. This option requires that BeProduct Sync be installed and is available in the Style, Material, Image and Tracking Folders. A great way for your partners to easily download your artwork.

    • Copy Records: If you need to copy multiple Styles, Materials, Images or Color Palettes, this is your new friend. After selecting the records you want to copy and selecting the Copy option from the Batch Action Menu, you’ll be presented with a window to change any of the attribute info for each record in a grid.

    • Move: Move records from one folder to another within its master folder. This is available in the Image, Material, Style and Color Folders. (Allows you to move a handful of those BeSnap images from the Mobile Upload folder to another folder all at once!)

    • Delete Records: Allows you to mass delete records. Make a mistake and delete the wrong stuff? Don’t worry--check out the Recycle Bin to recover your records.

    • Add Comments: Add comments to multiple records. After selecting the ones you want to add comments to, you’ll be able to select exactly which page/app the comment is for.

    • Add Revisions: Much like the Comment option above, add Revisions to multiple records at once.

    • Create Tasks: Allows you to create Tasks for a group of records.

    • Mass Upload to List Apps: This option will allow you to upload images to List Apps for multiple styles or materials at once.



  • Resolved a UI issue in the directory that prevented the search field from showing while in Style, Image, Material and Color master folders.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Boards from being printed.

  • Fixed a formatting issue with XLS versions of some Sample App printouts.

  • Resolved an issue that allowed user to import negative tolerances on Measurement apps.