Release 3.9

In this release we’ve focused on improving the user experience for email notifications, continued our rollout for Batch Actions, introduced new options for setting default date fields, and more. Read on for more details!



  • Email Summary for Shared Pages: Email notifications for Shared Pages in BeProduct will now be sent out in summary format for a given period of time. Admins can set the frequency of the emails by hourly intervals. For example, if the email interval is set for every 3 hours, any shared page emails for a given 3 hour period will be sent in a single email instead of separate emails for each shared page. No more emails! Okay, well…fewer emails.

  • Batch Download in Image Folder: Batch Image Download support has been added to the Batch Action menu in the image folder, allowing you to download files for multiple images at once. This includes support for the Variation image type.

  • Batch Download Image List App Images: Support for downloading images from Image List Apps has been added to the style folder.

  • Searchable Dropdown Menus: Users can now type in dropdown menus to search through available options to more quickly find what they are looking for.

  • Default to Today’s Date in Date Fields: Date fields can now be configured to default to the current date.

  • Improved 3D App Navigation and Usability:

    • When navigating from non-3D Style apps to 3D Style apps, the most current version is now selected by default, generally reducing the number of clicks it takes to view styles.

    • Version Number is now included in the breadcrumb at the top of the style page, giving better visibility of the version being viewed.

    • Users can now navigate to other versions in the right-side action panel without having to leave the current app.