Release 4.0

BeProduct Inbox is here, introducing a new set of collaboration features to help with communication and task management during your product development lifecycle! This release also brings some improvements to tracking, as well as some killer new 3D Features.


  • BeProduct Inbox:

    Dedicated area of the system for task management, messaging and communication, as well as contacts and user groups.

    • Tasks: A single place to view all of your tasks in BeProduct. Easily reply, change the status, add your teammates, create new tasks for specific records, and more.

    • Messages: View all of your comments and revisions in the new Inbox Messages area. Quickly view or send new messages, see what’s new from your team, ask vendors questions and more.

    • @Mentions: Quickly tag your teammates to send them messages or tag your vendors to send them tasks or add them to conversation threads in Messages or Tasks. Just type @ and then the first few letters of their name and select them from the menu that pops up.

    • Contacts and Contact Groups: A new place to see who has an account in your BeProduct environment. Create Contact Groups to group users together so that you can quickly send a whole team an update in a message or task.

  • Tracking Milestones can be added to Tracking Views: Tracking Milestone dates from the Tracking Timeline can now be added to Tracking Views.

  • Recolor U3M in 3D Materials App: Users can now recolor U3M files directly in BeProduct by adding a color to the 3D Materials Colorway tab and then using the new Recolor U3M column in the colorway grid.

  • Projected Dates in Tracking Timelines: New column added to Tracking Timeline view seen after clicking on Material or Style Number in tracking auto calculates Projected dates for subsequent milestones when a specific milestone date is changed.

  • Improved Sharing from Tracking: Partners added to the default Partners column in Tracking Timelines will now have the Attributes page of the style or material automatically shared with them.



  • Default values in fields now populate in tracking view form apps.

  • New Grid format added to Style, Material, Image, Block and Color List View searches. Batch Edit can now be done directly on the grid and changes are saved with the save icon that appears after changes have been made.


  • Resolved an issue that prevented Sample Apps from automatically updating Tracking Timeline. Note this is for Single-Size Sample Apps only and not the newer Multi-Size Sample Apps which do not support the tracking timeline update feature.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented milestone dates in tracking from changing to the current date when setting status to Approved or Rejected.