Release 4.1

This release brings a brand new Product Wall, a heap of new Inbox Features, Image Linking for List Apps, the ability to automatically share Material records when sharing a BOM, and more! Read on for additional details.



  • Inbox v2: So many improvements in this release! We’ve taken so much user feedback and ran with it in this release to make Inbox better than ever:

    • Newly revamped Product Wall is now home to the BeProduct Inbox! As soon as you log in, you can easily view which areas of the system you have new messages or tasks in (including unread replies to existing tasks!).

    • Improved Filtering options for Tasks allow you to more quickly filter down the results to view the things that are most important to you.

    • New Tagging/@Mention features allow you to more quickly add Contact Groups to messages using @@ and to quickly add all contacts for an external Directory Company using @@@.

    • Channels allows you to create a space to communicate with other team members in the Inbox. You can add Tasks, Messages, or even Subscription Notifications to channels.

    • New Batch Action options have been added to the Task and Messages folders in Inbox which will allow you to change the status of multiple tasks, mark as read or unread, star/flag messages or tasks, and much more all in mass!

      To learn more about these new Inbox features, check out this quick start video.

  • Image Linking from Image Folder: New option to Link Image available when adding images to Image List Apps from the Image Folder. Linked images are automatically updated at the Image List App level whenever the image is updated in the Image Folder.

  • Auto Share Materials from BOM: A new column has been added to the Bill of Material App setup in Admin called Share. When enabled, this new column allows you to check a checkbox for any material that you would like to automatically share with a partner when you share the Bill of Materials.

  • Improved Grid for Colorway Tabs in Materials and Styles: New grid keeps column header frozen at the top of the screen when you have lots of colorways for a style or material so that you can keep track of what information you are viewing. Have a lot of columns, too? Columns can now be pinned so that when scrolling horizontally you can see exactly which color’s info you’re viewing.

  • Improved Grid & Performance in Blocks: The blocks folder has been updated with a new grid to improve performance for blocks that contain 200+ Points of Measurement.


  • Styles opened from a task in Inbox now have the task opened once style page is loaded.

  • Notes field added to directory partner attributes page.

Bug fixes:

  • Misc tracking Projected Date formatting fixes.