Release 4.4

This release brings some exciting new features, including Change Logs, the ability to change sample sizes of styles after beginning your sampling process, infinite scrolling for image apps, customizable search grids and much more! Read on for more info about these features.



  • Change Logs (Beta) - Change Logs are making their way into the system with this release! For internal (standard license) users, you will now see a Change Logs link in the upper right-hand corner near Tasks & Messages. This area will log all changes made on pages in your record, showing you a Before and After value for your changes.

  • Configuration Option to Disable Auto-Number Logic on Move and Copy - New configuration option added that allows you to let users disable Auto-Number logic when copying materials or moving materials from one folder to another.

  • Infinite Scrolling for Image Apps - Image List App types and Technical Images on Measurements pages now support infinite scrolling, allowing you to more easily sort your images on these pages.

  • Improved UX for 3D Render Callouts - When working with Tasks and Messages on 3D Style app pages, your 3D Turntable renders will now appear alongside the task or message, allowing you to more easily make comments, revisions, and callouts directly in your tasks and messages.

  • Custom Field Support for Image Variations - Image Variation Types can now be configured to include custom fields which can also populate Colorway Dimension fields in Styles and Materials when adding colorways via Variation images.

  • SKU App for Materials - The SKU App can now be created and configured for Materials in the material folder, allowing you to generate SKU numbers for your material records by color, size and other custom field data.

  • Custom List View Search Columns - Users can now rearrange columns on Search Page List Views for master folders throughout system and BeProduct will remember their preference the next time they visit the page.

  • Search for Multiple Records at Once for Tasks & Message References - Added ability to search for multiple style numbers at once via comma separation when adding reference records to tasks and messages.

  • Quick Links - New Quick Link option added to Rocket Ship menu which will allow users to add direct links to master folder search screens.


  • Users now have the ability to change a style’s sample size regardless of whether sampling has started. Note that any existing sample submits will no longer push their Revised measurements back to the Measurements app automatically if the sample submit’s size no longer matches the sample size on the Measurement app.

  • When creating a new message, panel now slides out from side of screen instead of opening in a modal popup.

  • Consolidated Announcements and “Who’s Online” sections on product feed/inbox to better support lower resolution monitors.

  • When accessing BeProduct page through an external URL, users will be brought to the correct page from the URL instead of the home screen if they were not already logged into the system.

  • Master folders are now listed in the main navigation frame to improve user experience--no more clicking on the Development menu.