Release 4.5

Buckle up for an awesome update with our latest release! We've packed in a ton of new features, including upgraded email summaries, improved collaboration for sample apps, custom fields for image type apps, and a whole host of new configuration options. Keep reading to learn more!



  • Email Summaries: Get ready for some seriously upgraded email summaries! In addition to regular updates, you'll now receive notifications whenever someone replies to one of your tasks or messages. And don't worry, we've got you covered whether you're the assignee or just a participant.

  • Support for User Groups in Tech Pack Notifications: Tech pack notifications just got even more powerful. Now you can select entire user groups to receive updates, ensuring that everyone stays in the loop.

  • Improved Collaboration for Sample Apps: Collaboration just got a whole lot smoother with the new configuration option for sample apps. Now you can specify exactly which columns your external partners or collaborators can modify. No more confusion or misunderstandings!

  • Custom Fields for Image Type Apps: Good news: now you can add custom fields below images in image type apps (like Image List, Form & Image, Table & Image, and Text & Image) and sample app photo tabs. Add notes, statuses, or any other fields you need to keep track of.

  • Assign Image Types to Image Apps: Want more control over which images show up to add to your image type apps? Now you can assign specific image types from the image folder to appear. No more sifting through unrelated images!

  • Color Search: Looking for a specific color in your palette search? No problem! You can now search for individual color chip names and numbers in the advanced search area, making it easy to see all palettes containing a given color.


  • Tasks and messages just got a little more efficient with the new subject auto-generation feature. If you forget to enter a subject, don't worry – the first 50 characters of the body will be used instead.

  • Memo fields in grids just got a whole lot more flexible. Now you can use shift+return/enter to create new rows or lines.

  • Users with permission to view sample apps will now be able to access them, regardless of whether they have permission to the associated measurements app.

  • The grid for the Grid App and Grid + Image App has received a much-needed update, providing a better user experience for all.

  • Need to avoid duplicating the auto number sequence between specified folders? No problem! The new configuration option lets you group style types together to keep things organized.

  • Easily manage your images by removing multiple at once using checkboxes and a remove button in image type apps, sample image tabs, and technical sketches.

  • And last but not least, the new configuration option for image type apps lets you specify whether newly added images should appear at the top or bottom of the page. The choice is yours!