Release 4.6

This release brings some great enhancements for the Bill of Materials and Material folder areas, including Material Sub-Assembly, Swap Materials and more. Read on for more info!

New Features

  • Material Sub-Assembly: Material Mashup! You can now combine multiple material components to create a new material. For example, this will allow you to combine Zipper Tape, Zipper Teeth and a Zipper Pull that you’ve developed to create a complete zipper for your styles. You can also associate different colorways for each component.

  • Swap Materials on Bill of Material Apps: You can now easily switch materials in the Bill of Material app, keeping the placement, quantities, and even colors that you’ve pitched--no more having to re-enter data when you need to replace a material. Swap it like it’s hot!

  • Additional Core Main Material Fields: We have added two additional core main material fields to provide more flexibility for different areas that need the main material information for a style in different formats.

  • Auto unlink POM when adding Size Class: Configuration option added to automatically unlink Points of Measurement when a new size class is added to a measurements sheet to match the existing default size class.


  • Line Sheet Colorways: When you hover over a color chip for a style colorway on a Line Sheet, a tooltip will now show you the color number and name.

  • MOV File Support: You can now add videos in MOV file formats to fit comments, image folders, or image-type apps. MOVin' on up!

  • Miscellaneous performance tunings.

  • Public API support for Sets App added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Batch Queue Techpacks where choosing a tech pack template did not automatically populate the Tech Pack Name and Description.

  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from being able to add an extra line to the beginning of a memo fields in grids when using Ctrl+Return.