Release v4.8

This release of BeProduct introduces several new features designed to enhance the user experience, including batch actions for downloading images, new print options for colorways, and the ability to add custom fields at the color chip level in color palettes. Read on for more!



  • Custom fields for Color Palettes: This feature allows Custom Fields to be added at the color chip level in Color Palettes, and these fields can also be displayed in the Colorway areas of Styles and Materials.

  • Batch Actions for downloading images: This feature allows users to download all images from List Apps via the Batch Actions menu on style search screens, making it easier to manage large collections of images. Note this setting needs to be enabled by an Administrator.

  • Recycle Bin for Boards: This feature adds a Recycle Bin for Boards, making it easier to manage and recover deleted Boards.

  • Copy/Paste functionality in Grids: This feature adds the ability to copy information from a BeProduct grid and paste it into Excel, making it easier to work with data across multiple platforms.

  • Download Contacts: Admins now have the ability to download a list of users from the batch action menu in Inbox>Contacts, making it easier to manage your user licenses.

  • Notes field for Block Size Classes: This feature makes the Notes field visible when selecting a block to add to a style in Block Size Classes.

  • New print options for Colorway page: Two new print options, Landscape Grid Only and Landscape Grid Only (Short Header), have been added to the Colorway page in Styles. These options do not include larger images of the colorways--reducing techpack sizes and paper consumption for those still printing tech packs!



  • Changed Material Type to read Master Folder when adding materials in BOM App's Advanced Search.

  • When using the Style Sets app and linking BOM Apps via the Linked Pages app, only colorways that have been used on the Style Sets app will print on the individual style’s BOM Printouts.

  • When using the Batch Tech Pack folder, companies may now only have 60 tech packs queued for creation at a time.

Bux Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue that prevented new users from being added to User Dropdown Lists in the system.

  • Resolved an issue where styles always listed lighting as Ambient in 3D Presentation regardless of lighting actually used.

  • Removed unnecessary page save warnings for Sub Assembly and BOM Apps.

  • Resolved an issue that caused incorrect HEX Color code to appear when manually entering HEX codes while adding colors to a color palette.