Release 4.9

This release brings several enhancements to improve the user experience when dealing with Size Classes in styles, the ability share Boards externally, new configuration options for Tracking and more. Read on for more details!



  • Adding Size Classes to Styles: Adding additional size classes to styles just got a lot easier! Users now have the option of choosing a size class from a predefined set of size classes which will populate the Size Class name as well as the sizes.

  • Custom Columns On Measurement Apps: Users can now keep data from custom measurement columns when swapping size ranges.

  • Clearing Initial Measurements When Swapping Sizes: There is now an option when swapping size ranges on measurement apps that will allow you to fully clear the Initial Measurements column.

  • Planned Dates in Tracking: New option in Tracking configurations to display Planned dates instead of Projected dates.

  • Ability to Share Boards: Boards can now be shared with individuals outside of BeProduct. When using the Share feature in Boards, you can now enter an email address to send an invitation to, along with a passcode and expiration date. Users added to not have to have BeProduct accounts, allowing you to share customer presentations that you’ve built in Boards.



  • When Swapping Ranges on measurement apps, the Size Class Name is now visible, allowing you to decipher which size range you are selecting when having similar size ranges in multiple size classes.

  • To improve performance, color palettes now have paging instead of infinite scrolling. 100 colors will be displayed on each page.

  • Users can now be logged in to a maximum of two computers. When trying to log in to a third machine, you will be prompted to disconnect from another.

  • Total Bill of Material (BOM) Cost will now be hidden on BOM printouts if you do not have Show Total BOM Cost option enabled in BOM setup.

  • Provided more clarity when duplicating Boards by changing Duplicate button to read Duplicate Board.

  • Tooltips have been added to the Rocket menu icon, Notification Bell icon and BeProduct Sync Cloud Upload icons in the top menu bar.

  • Material Where Used page’s List View now pulls columns from the Master Setup for the material folder, allowing you to see more information about the styles using the given material.

  • For 3D Material apps, added ability to preview OBJ Material and create snapshots.

  • Revamped 3D Viewer to now support CLO GLB exports.