Release 4.11

In this release, we’re introducing an all-new Presentation App for the style folder, new features for Image Apps, UX improvements to our Boards folder, and are beginning the beta for our highly-anticipated tech pack redesign! Read on for more info.



  • Presentation App: Similar to Boards, this app allows you to create presentations at the style level and include them in your tech packs.  Pull in assets from your Color, Image, Material, and Style Folders, or add in custom images on-the-fly. This can be used for things like assortment suggestions, special design callouts, and placement details.

  • Image Attributes in Image Apps:  When adding images to image apps, image attribute information can now populate at the app level, streamlining your workflow and populating fields automagically. 🪄

  • Require Material Colorways in the BOM App: A new configuration option has been added for customers who would like to restrict color pitching on the Bill of Materials app to only allow colors that already exist on a given material record. No more surprise colors that need lab dips late in the dev cycle!

  • Multi-Style Search: You can now search for multiple styles at once in the style search area and in the tracking folder, allowing you to more easily find a group of styles that you need to work with.

  • Tech Pack Redesign:  Get ready for a fresh, clean look in your BeProduct tech packs! We're excited to announce that we're moving our redesigned tech packs into Beta for customers who'd like to participate.


  • We've enhanced the Boards Folder experience with a new preview panel on the left side, making it easier to navigate your presentations. You can also create new images directly within the Boards folder.

  • You can now choose to show only label/attribute information for a Style or Material, leaving out the image.

  • Added ability to upload and create new image records directly in Boards! This allows you to not only add the image to your Board, but also to add the image to the Image Folder.

Bugs Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue in the Style Sets app that, at times, prevented users from selecting sizes from the size dropdown.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented sample submit count numbers from appearing in the tracking grid.

  • Resolved an issue that prevented data from being removed from Grid type apps in the Admin folder.

  • Updating the name of a Block in the Block folder will now update the name in any styles using the block.