Release 2.19

Release 2.19 is now live! We’ve got some really great features we’re hoping you’ll find useful including print options for the Image folder, new Material Copy/Carryover options, and the beta release of BeProduct Sync!  


  • Material Copy/Carryover: Updated Material Copy/Carryover page to provide more flexibility by allowing you to choose which apps and colors are copied.

  • Print in Image Folder: Added ability to print out images in the image folder.

  • Style Sets App: New Style App allows you to group styles together, create colorways for sets, and assign the individual style colorways to the Set colorway. Think BOM App, but with Styles!

  • BOM App Printouts: The BOM app now allows you to independently configure what BOM information is printed on the BOM printouts vs what BOM information shows up on screen in BeProduct.

  • New Style Attributes Printout: New print options for Style Attributes app that allow you to print all header fields instead of only four rows of fields.

  • New Modified Date/Time Field Options: New Modified By, Modified Date and Modified Page options available to add to master folder headers to display which individual app was updated most recently in a record.

  • Duplicating Styles in Tracking Folders: Added option to select which dimensions to duplicate when duplicating a style in a tracking folder. This will allow you to duplicate certain colors, sizes, and partners of a style to create individual rows in a tracking folder.

  • BeProduct Sync (Beta): “BPSync” beta is now available! BPSync opens up a lot of possibilities for image uploading, image updating, and mass creating materials, styles, and images. Note that BPSync is a desktop application that must be installed to use the Sync options in BeProduct. For installation instructions, click here for Mac or click here for Windows.

    • New Sync option on Image, Material and Style attributes page added to streamline image editing. Simply click on the Sync button on your attributes page and the image’s location will open in Finder or Windows Explorer. You can then modify the image, save, return to the Finder or Windows Explorer window, right-click the file and select which folder to send your updates to.

    • If you previously have had BeProduct Sync installed, note that you will need to install the latest version which you can find in the links above. If on a Mac, simply replace the application file in your Applications folder. If on Windows, you will just need to run the installer in the new version after downloading.



  • Scrollbar in Admin Folder's Master Folder areas are now visible when scrolling horizontally is necessary.

  • The first three columns in Tracking View tabs are now frozen so you can more easily keep track of which record you’re looking at when scrolling horizontally.

  • When adding materials to a BOM app, header and footer have been frozen so that you no longer have to scroll down to find the horizontal scrollbar in order to scroll horizontally.

  • Various minor UI tweaks.

  • Several performance improvements throughout the system.



  • Resolved an issue in admin folder dropdown setup that would cause page to jump to the top when adding a new dropdown entry.

  • Fixed issue that prevented sorting date type fields in Tracking folder views.

  • Fixed issue preventing search fields from returning results in Tracking folders.