Release 4.3

With this release we are introducing user experience improvements for Blocks users such as the ability to create a block from a style measurement app and the ability to automatically unlink POMs from a block when adding to a style, as well as new features for Copying, Carrying Over, and Removing styles and more! Read on for more info on these new features.



  • Auto-Break POM Link from Block - New Configuration Option available that will automatically break POM’s Link to block when adding POMs from a block to a style.

  • Create Block from Style Measurements Apps - Users can now create Blocks directly from a style measurement app, making it easy to create a block from a standout style.

  • Defaulting Revised Measurements in Sample Apps - New configuration option in sample request available that will automatically pre-populate the Revised measurements column with the Requested column’s values.

  • Clearing Notifications - Users can now clear single (or multiple!) notifications to clear in their feed or notification bell area.

  • Configuration Option to Clear Selected Fields on Copy/Carryover/Move - Admins can now configure selected fields to clear out when Copying, Carrying Over, or Moving styles.

  • Ability to Disable Auto Number Logic - New configuration option that will grant the option to disable the auto style number logic when creating a new style.



  • Label Text type fields on Materials can now be added to the BOM and will pull values calculated at the BOM level.

  • Hidden Attribute level fields can now be added to search grids and report headers.

  • Improved UX for Multi Size Sample Apps by defaulting sample size when first visiting Fit Comments and Fit Photos tabs.



  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused milestones in tracking to export when they were not visible in the grid on-screen.