Stay informed on changes with the Watchlist

Using the Watchlist is a great way to get notifications on changes to Styles, Materials, Images and Color palettes in BeProduct.


To add yourself to a Watchlist:

  1. Navigate to the record in BeProduct that you would like to be notified of changes for.

  2. In the upper right side corner of the page’s menu, click on the Watchlist icon. This tab will show you the names of anyone that is currently subscribed to receive notifications for the page as well as anyone that’s currently on the Watchlist.

  3. To add yourself to the Watchlist, simply select your name from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Note that you can also add other’s to the Watchlist if you need them to be informed of changes being made.

  4. That’s it! Now you’ll receive a notification whenever a change is made to the page that you’ve added yourself to the Watchlist on.


The Watchlist is great for quickly signing up for notifications on changes for records in BeProduct at the App level. If you’d like to receive notifications for a group of pages at once, the Notification Subscriptions feature might be a better fit. Check out the guide for setting up Notification Subscriptions here.