Uploading Measurements to Blocks Using Excel Import

The Import Excel feature in the Block folder can be a big time saver when creating or updating your blocks. Follow these steps and tips to get started.

Using the Import Excel feature in Blocks

From an open Block that you have chosen POMs for:

  1. Click on the Export Excel button in the right-hand menu.

  2. An Excel file will download with any existing measurement data in the Block. There are three tabs: Development Spec, Graded Spec and Grade Rules. On the Development Spec, you can change the Initial measurements column as well as the Tolerances. Note that you should not modify the Graded Spec tab as it contains formulas. The Grade Rules tab can be used to modify the grading in your template. Once you’ve made your desired changes, save the file.

  3. Back in BeProduct, click on the Import Excel icon in the Block’s right-hand menu. Select the file that you’ve just modified and click Open.

  4. Any changes that you’ve made will now be present in the Block!


To simplify creating Blocks even further from existing measurement pages that you may have used before using BeProduct, we have designed a special tool that can be used to convert those existing templates. The tool allows you to skip over the step of adding your POMs to the Block before exporting to excel. If interested, have your system administrator get in touch with us and we can walk you through the tool.