Working with Multiple Size Classes with the Multi-Size Measurement App

The Multi-Size Measurements App allows you to work with multiple size classes, all within a single style record in BeProduct.

Note you will need to have the Multi-Size Measurement App installed on your style in order to use this feature.  Feel free to have your admin reach out to us at for any help installing the app.

Adding multiple size-classes to styles:

If you’re using Blocks:

  1. When creating a new style, choose the block you’d like to use for your style using the + button in the Style Blocks box in the right-side menu.  (If you already have a style that you’d like to add a block to, navigate to your Multi Size Measurements page and click the + button in the Style Blocks box in the right-side menu to select which block you’d like to use.)

  2. After choosing which Block to use, you can then choose which size classes in the block to bring into your style’s Multi-Size Measurement app. You can click and drag the mouse to select multiple sizes in the grid, or use the CMD or ALT keys to select your sizes.


  3. If you’d like to add additional size classes from your block after creating your style, from the Multi-Size Measurement app, click the Add Size Class button and a slide out window will appear with any additional size classes that are in your block. You can then select the sizes you’d like to add and click the Add Size Classes button to add.


If you’re not using blocks:

  1. After creating your style, navigate to the Multi Size Measurement app and click on the Add Size Class button.

  2. Enter a Size Class name for your new size and use the Add Size button to add rows to the size grid for each size of your size range.

  3. Name each size in your size range and select its sample size using the radio button, then save.

  4. You can use the steps above to add any additional size classes that you need.