Multi-Size Sample App

The Multi-Size Sample app allows you to select multiple sizes from any Size Class in your style, allowing you to choose sizes outside of your original sample size. The key differences between this app and our Size Run Sample app are that you can sample from multiple size classes and you can post revisions from non-sample sizes back to your measurements app.

Creating a Submit in the Multi-Size Sample App

After adding at least one size to your Measurements sheet, either with Multi-Size Measurements or the Single-Size Measurements app, you can add any size you’d like (from any size class on your Measurement sheet) to the Multi-Size Sample app.

  1. Go to the Multi-Size Sample app in your style and click on the Add Submit button.

  2. In the popup window, use the Sizes dropdown to select as many sizes as you’d like for your sample request. note that the sample sizes from any size classes you’ve added will appear in bold text.

  3. Once you have a submit added, you can re-name the submit if you’d like by clicking the pencil icon by the submit name.

Entering Sample and Revised Measurements

  1. Click on the pencil icon by the size that you’d like to enter sample measurements on.

  2. Much like our single size sample app, you can copy measurements from the Requested column into the Sample column to save time, then only having to modify any values that measured differently. To do this, hover over the Sample column and click on the menu icon, then click on Copy Requested. You can do the same thing with the Revised column as well.

  3. Once you’ve entered your measurements, use the Auto Fit Comment button in the right side menu to automatically populate the POM Comments column with any discrepancies or revisions.

POMs Linked to Blocks in the Multi-Size Sample App

When a style is associated with a Block, you will see the Linked POM column on your measurement sheets throughout the style, allowing you to see if you have broken the link to the block for a given POM. Links are broken at the size class level, meaning one size class could have a POM unlinked to the block, while another size class still has the POM linked to the block’s grading.

We have several icons that indicate whether a POM is linked or unlinked from your size classes in multi-size measurement and sample apps:


Note that when you add a revised value to a non-sample size that is different from what was requested initially, the POM will automatically be unlinked from the Block for the size class you are working in if that revision would change the original grade rule. It is best practice to check all of your sizes in your graded spec after making such a change, as if you are changing the grading for a non sample size POM it may have an impact on the other sizes.