Creating an Initial Version on the 3D Development App

This guide will walk you through the steps of creating your first 3D Version on the 3D Development App.


Follow these steps to create your first 3D Version on the 3D Development app in a style:

  1. Navigate to the 3D Development app in the style you’re working with.

  2. From here, you can upload a 3D File by using the upload button in the right-side panel, dragging your 3D File into the upload area and then clicking Upload once the file has loaded. (If you don’t have a 3D File prepared, you can still create an initial version by proceeding to step 3 and clicking the Start button.)

  3. After uploading the file, click on the Start button.

  4. Your new version is created! Now you can click on the Sync button to begin working with the 3D File you uploaded. If you didn’t upload a file initially, you can add it to the folder that’s opened when you use the Sync function.

Note that no image will appear until you add turntable images via BeProduct Sync.