How to Bookmark Apps in the Style Folder

Find yourself opening styles and immediately heading away from the Attributes page to another App? We’ve introduced a new feature that will allow you to set up your default landing page after opening a style--a bookmark!

Setting Up a Bookmark:

  1. Open up a style and navigate to the app that you’d like to open by default whenever you open up a style.

  2. Click the Star icon at the end of the breadcrumb towards the top of the screen.


  3. That’s it! You’ve set your bookmark up and now whenever you open a style in the same folder type, your style will open to the app you’ve chosen.

  4. Changing your bookmark later is just as easy--simply click on the Star icon in the breadcrumb for the app you’d like to be the default.

Bookmarks are user-specific, so your preference will not have any impact on others. Bookmarks are also folder-specific: this means that if you have several style types, you’ll have a different default setting per style type as some style types may not have the same apps as others.

We hope you’ll enjoy this time-saving feature!