Enabling Saved Filters

The new Saved Filters feature introduced in BeProduct 2.20 can be a huge time saver by allowing you to save searches to run later, preventing you from having to re-enter your search criteria. Follow this guide to set up Saved Filters in your BeProduct environment.

Note that you will need an Administrator role to enable Saved Filters. Speak with your admin about setting up this feature if you’re not currently an admin but are interested in using Saved Filters.


From the Admin folder in BeProduct:

  1. Click on the Master Folder area.

  2. Click on the Master Folder that you would like to enable Saved Filters on. For this example we will use the Style folder.

  3. Click on Master Setup.

  4. Click on the Settings link, check the Enable Filter checkbox and save.

  5. That’s it! Now when you return to your Style Search page and refresh, you will see the Saved Filters area. For more information on how to use Saved Filters, check out this guide.